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Background and objectives

The Ukrainian economy is energy intensive above the international average. The potential climate strategy of Ukraine after 2012 includes the GHG reduction at 20% to the data of 1990. The traget region Donetsk is the biggest industrial area of Ukraine, thereby the share of the heavy industry on the GDP of Ukraine is crucial. The markt situation is heating up for the enterpises after the gas prise raise. The modernisation of the energy efficient technologies is highly needed for keeping competitiveness at the same level. The energy management should be introduced to the enterprises as an instrument for energy saving potential realisation.

The project region of Donetsk is Ukraine’s largest coal mining and industrial area. There is a little awareness of energy management as means to improve energy efficiency and thereby reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and the existing potential for energy savings is not being systematically exploited. 

The project is designed to promote the systematic approach to the Energy Management and demonstrate that energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced through the introduction of an effective energy management system. This will show that climate targets can be closely tied to commercial benefits.

Systematic energy and resource management is introduced in three pilot enterprises in sectors with high emissions. This should lead to the measurable, reportable and verifiable reduction in emissions for further multiplication of the best practices in other regions of Ukraine.