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 Workshop «Project Preliminary Results and Lessons Learnt» 

 Location: Chamber of commerce and industry of Ukraine

 Date: September 04, 2014 (Thursday)

 Moderator /facilitator:

 It is important to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in a project lessons learnt workshop.

 The developed practical experience and knowledge through the project should be shared and re-used as an organizational asset.

 The workshop is an opportunity for the project team members and stakeholders to get together and discuss lessons learned.

 Goals of the Workshop: 

  1. To bring together present the practical lessons learned during a project that can be usefully applied on future projects

  2. To present the common conclusions to Project stakeholders, donor community and other relative TA market players in Ukraine

 What are the main project lessons learned in correspondence with Project implementation arrangements and “business” environment:

  • Overall project implementation arrangements
  • Work with local political partner(s) – TA Project Beneficiary
  • Work with local partners - NGO
  • Work with local partners – contractors
  • Work with international contractors
  • Policy framework environment

What can we adopt from experiences in other countries

  • What actions are required during remaining time till the project completion (end of 2014)

3. To initiate the stakeholders discussion on future projects in Ukraine.


Training Preparation of the Energy Efficient Projects can be Easy 

June, 24th, 2014 on the base of the ukrainian Chamber for Industry and Commerce took place the training Preparation of the Energy Efficient Projets can be Easy which is provided by the GIZ project Energy Efficient and Climate Friendly Industry Modernization in Donetsk Region. The training attended the topic of the energy efficiency project preparation for finance acquisition in frame of the activities of the GIZ project supported by the Donetsk Oblast Administration.



«Development of investment projects in energy efficiency. Steps, guidance, options and methodology»

Location: Kiev, Ukrainian chamber of commerce and industry, Str.Bolshaya Zytomirskaya,33  

Date: May 15, 2014 (Thursday)

Moderator: Alexey Paschenko

Goals of Round Table:

(1)  To present the practical advices, coaching and training in basic know-how on investment preparation, calculation of profitability, financial and investment related issues, practical aspects etc.

(2)  To show the common requirements of financial institutions (local and international) to Ukrainian industrial companies.

(3)  To initiate the discussion on guidance and methodologies and practical ways of implementation of Energy efficiency/Energy saving projects in Ukraine.




The Monitoring, Reporting and Verification on the Level of Enterprises (MRV). Technology, Methodology, Implementation and Improvement 

The Feb. 19th, 2014 took place the Round Table to the issues of the energy efficiency analysis at the enterprises. At the Round Table were participating Mr. Dr. Wolter, Mr. Nisov as well as representetives of science and industry.

The Goal of the Round Table: Presenting the practical requirements to the MRV system and some practical experience of the EU countries and to the representetives of Ukrainian private and public sectors as well as initiating the discussion of MRV implementation in Ukraine on technological, methodological and practical levels.


Sertification due to the International Standard ISO 50001: Success of the Energy Efficiency Project and Prospects for the further Modernisation

Januarz 30th, 2014, the press-conference to the certification of the Energy Management System of SZVI took place on the base of the Donetsk Chanber of Industry and Commerce. The  PJSC “Slaviansk high voltage insulators works” (SZVI) is a pilot site of the project Energy Efficient and Climate Friendly Modernization of Industry in Donetsk Region. Currently, there are ca. 10 industrial enterprises in Ukraine which have got certified due to the ISO 50001 sandard. Generally, two of ten certified enterprises are pilot sites of the GIZ project and implemented the EnMS as well as ISO certification in frame of the technical assistance project. The  PJSC “Slaviansk high voltage insulators works” is the unic production of the electrical engineering porcelan in the former USSR which has got exclusively certified due to this standard.




November 19th 2013, the round table discussion; The Energy Efficiency an Energy Data Management (EDM). The Technologies, Methodology and Optimization will take place on the base of the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The purpose of the round tabe: Presentation of the EDM in the industry of Ukraine. The presetntation of the technologies, methodology and practical examples of the energy efficiency improvement in Ukraine.





October 23rd, 2013 in the conference hall of the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry was hosted the round table discussion on the energy efficiency and cross-cutting technologies in industry


The purpose of the round table was the presentation of the typical cross-cutting technologies for energy efficiency in Ukraine and in the EU as well as identification of the main barriers to their implementation in Ukraine.

The integral part of the industry modernization is the introduction of the cross-cutting technologies that are applicable not only in production but also in the non-production sector as the universal solution for the Donetsk region facing variety of industrial enterprises and the pursuit of energy efficiency in the industry. The issue of the cross-cutting technology is linked to the energy efficiency and the technology exchange with energy efficiency leaders from EU.


The Energy Efficiency Effects on Economy were presented on the VI International Investment Summit in Donetsk

The economic effects of energy efficiency were presented by the project team leader Dr. Benedikt Thanner at the VI International Investment Summit in Donetsk on October 18th, 2013. The International Investment Summit in Donetsk is the biggest economic forum in Ukraine taking place annually since 2008.





German Chamber of Commerce - Worldwide Network in Ukraine promotes the energy efficient solutions in industry.

From 24 till 26th of September, 2013 the German Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Donetsk oblast administration and Consulate General of Germany in donetsk organized the German-Ukrainian Forum Energy Efficiency in Ukrainian Industry. In frame of the forum, the project Energy Efficient and Climate Friendly Modernization of Industry in Donetsk Region of GIZ was also presented to the visitors by the ptoject team and the team leader reporting about the latest results of the project activities.




Press Conference to the certification of the energy management systems at PJSC Energomashspetsstal due to the international standard ISO 50001

28.08.2013 was organized a press conference to the certification of energy management systems at PJSC Energomashspetsstal due to the international standard ISO 50001. The conference was carried out with kind support of the Donetsk Chamber for Commerce and Industry. PJSC Energomashspetsstal (EMSS) is a pilote site of the project Energy Efficient and Climate Friendly Modernization of Industry in Donetsk Region performed by the German society for international cooperation GesellschaftfürInternationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZGmbH under cooperation with Donetsk Oblast State Administration and Donetsk Chamber for Commerce and Industry on behalf of Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)


Round Table discussion to the Introduction of Energy Management System due to ISO 50001 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Donetsk

May 28th, 2013, the Round Table discussion took place at the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry in frame of GIZ project Energy Efficient and Climete Friendy Modernization of Industry, Donetsk Region and delivered the platform for experience exchange of Energy Management Systems introduction due to ISO 5001 between the pilot sites representatives and the new project sites which were choosen for energy audit.

(please read more in our NEWSLETTER for June)


The first edition of the project newsletter 

The GIZ project Energy Efficient and climate Friendly Industry Modernization in Donetsk Region is pleased ti present the first newletter with wich we will update you about the project's implementation process, results and impotrant facts with regard to systematic energy management according to ISO 50001.

Policy Dialogue within Press Conference of Regional Committee on Economic Reform, April 23, Donetsk

The head of GIZ project Energy Efficient and Climate Friendly Modernization of Industry in Donetsk Region reported and discussed the results and outcomes of the project in 2012 and informed on the ongoing work and objectives for 2013


The training to the topic The Basics of Energy Management according to Standart ISO 50001 and Energy Efficiency in Industry was performed by GIZ at 10.-12.-4.2010

The event took place in frame of the project Energy Efficient and Climate Friendly Industry Modernization in Donetsk Region performed by the german society for international cooperation Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit.

(see program here)

The training for Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Systems due to the standart ISO 50001 took place at 27.-28.02.2013 in Donetsk

 The project Energy Efficient and Climate Friendly Modernization of Industry in Donetsk Region, performed by GIZ, initiated the training for further energy efficiency trainers and multiplicators to the topic of the Energy Efficiency in Industry and Energy Management Systems according to the standard ISO 50001. 

 EMSS Competition for the Best Energy Efficiency Idea

(see video here)

PAO EMSS in Kramatorsk is one of the project pilote sites introducing the systemacic approach in the energy management of its production. The technical modernization of the EMSS started in 2005 but the top management recognize also that the ressources saving culture must be internalized at the each level of the company. That is why the company practices diverse activities to interest the stuff at the ressources saving policy implementation.

15 November, 2012 in Kiev in the informational center UNIAN was carried out the Press Conference “Energy Management Systems in Industry according to ISO 50001. First steps in Ukraine”

The Press Conference was carried out for the presentation of the Project “Energy efficient and climate friendly modernization of industry in Donetsk region” (GIZ). 

08 November, 2012 Conference “Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness in Industry”

On the 8 of November the international conference “Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness” dedicated to practical specific experience with the implementation of Energy Management systems in Germany and Ukraine and how it can be used for the development of the Donetsk region.

08 November, 2012 Press-conference "The motivation of energy efficiency in industry"

The Press-conference "The motivation of energy efficiency in industry" has been held within the frames of the conference "Energy efficiency and competitiveness in the industry". The Press-conference was devoted to the issues of Ukrainian-German international cooperation in energy and modernisation of industry in the Donetsk region.